Saturday, November 10, 2012

Me and influenza *sigh*

Influenza…. I dunno why it always comes to me in these few months. I feel like it just few weeks ago I suffered from this illness. But it came back again last2 days, full package with the bad cough. The worst thing is that it costs a lot also! *sob*
It was 3 days ago when I started to feel that I dun really feeling oke. Mr. A asked me to take vitamin C and the medicine for my flu. Then I supposed to sleep earlier. But I can’t sleep. When I woke up at 4 a.m.,  I felt my head was so in pain and I didn’t really had a strength to move my body. So, I decided to come late to my work and I went to the doctor first. The doctor that I wished t visit hasn’t opened yet that time. So, I just wandered around to find any doctor. I found one. Before I went to the doctor, I went to ATM first. I thought, it’ll cost a lot.
The doctor diagnosed me. He gave me a shot on my hip (he said to stop the flu and won’t get extra charge and the consultation only costs Rp 100.000,00) so I agreed. Then, he gave 6 types of medicines that consist of :
  1. Antibiotics (definitely!)
  2. Something to thinning the phlegm
  3. Something that I didn’t know what for
  4. Tablets for the cough
  5. Syrup for the cough
  6. Tablets for the flu
  7. And extra tablets in case I get fever
And all of those cost me…. Rp240.000..doeeenkkk…!!!  What was left in my purse only Rp7.000. It even didn’t enough to pay my gasoline.. huhuhuhu. However, I just moved on.. ^^ I went to my work place and spent a day like I didn’t feel alive. At 1p.m. I noticed that I got reddish on my face and neck. OMG! It happened again. Allergic! I was never had an allergic before. But after my appendix operation on last June, every time I take an antibiotic, I get an allergic. So, I decided to go back to the doctor again. Same place but different doctor coz the doctor only there in the morning. The “evening” doctor gave me another antibiotic. She also offered an injection. I wondered why they always ask for that… hmmm..
Oh, then I had to paid Rp170.000! OMG.. in a day I spend more than Rp400.000. I better to get well soon for that. Huhuhu.. I rarely visit doctor actually coz it cost a lot. But I had to go last Thursday because I my cough that had lasted more than 2 months. The other point is that I have a lot of plan for the weekend. However, I can’t join one of my childhood friend’s wedding party yesterday coz I still in a bad cough n flu. I went to bed around 8 p.m. and collapse till morning. >.< I felt really bad bout that. Today, I hope it will be better! Coz I need my full health for tomorrow!! Huff.. My best friend said that “ Get rest. Useless if u have worked so hard but you spent it on medicine” Yes.. health IS expensive..

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