Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The perfect ring bearer (in search)

Yeah.. kinda obsessed with finding the right ring bearer lately. One of my weakness is that I don't really like an ordinary type of things around me. So, when my fmil told us to spent time to look for the ring bearer, it was just when I realize I don't want the ordinary one. Maybe, for most people will think that ring bearer is the least thing to be prepared in detail but I just want it to be something nice and pretty and unique. 

So, I started to hunt it online of course. First, I checked on Pinterest and found some that I like the most.

source: Pinterest

Oh, I love this ring bearer very much. I love books a lot like I have ever posted before so I just fall in love with this ring bearer.

source: Pinterest
This one also my type because recently I am also so in to handmade terrariums, I found this just so cute. However, it won't match my holy matrimony theme and as it is not an outdoor wedding, so this would be just not fit it. On the other hand, I think I would find problem in finding the glass box.. 

source: Pinterest
If Mr. A had to choose, he prefer this one actually. But as the bride, I still hopeful for the book type ^^. This is my last option actually. 

Okay, I have found the type I want so it's time to hunt the maker. I googled with a lot of key words and always ended up with no where. I tried instagraming also but still it didn't suit my taste. It is not a popular items to be prepared I think in Indonesia. It was really hard to find one that is really good until one day I found the right key word and it came out on the search engine. It is  @signatureweddingdetails . I just right away fall in love with their work. I think, they are more on headpiece but their custom ring bearer just meets my expectation. So, I emailed them and got the response by far. However, they have to try first since they never made book type before. I said I would like to wait for them. If they can make it, I will just go with that but if not (let's say won't suit my budget) I will just choose our last option. I know what to do with the boxes already actually. So, now, I just have to wait patiently until June. ;) 

“When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” —When Harry Met Sally

Sunday, May 10, 2015

PreWedding- It's a wrap!

Yes, it's a wrap! Glad we've come out to this already.
It was on April 29,2015 night that we flew to Bali. We had to take off days from our work place for this moment. The next morning, I have to choose the wedding gowns there. But I decided that I dun want to wear a wedding gown for our prewed pictures. The reason is only one I want to be a one day bride only. ^^ That day, we had to choose which album that we want and the size for the canvas later on. The PhotoFactoryBali has several types of albums. You can see it here. We chose white  E-Series Albums type. However, we just knew that we will get 2 albums (grey and white) when we got to choose the photos. However, we can't decide the canvas size yet because we are still confuse what to do with that after the wedding day *grin*
The fun fact is we get this all for free because it is belong to Mr. A sis and bro in law' We are grateful for this. Really are........

Okay, the following day was our photo shoot time. Our venue is Pura Ulun Danu, Kebun Raya Bedugul and Pantai Batu Bolong. It was my request to have a greenery view, a Pura and beach view. Our concept is just casual and natural. So our pictures mostly look away from camera. 
From Pura Ulun Danu, we almost changed direction to Tanah Lot because of the weather. We were chased by the dark cloud. Luckily, we still able to shoot as the schedule, thanks to the photographer instinct and our good karma still bless us ^^.  It was a wonderful day! Both of us hardly get a good pictures usually and for Mr. A takes picture always needs permission. But that day, we took 500+ pictures and all smiles. We got to get bored looking at each other all day n running out of topic to discuss to get the natural pose. *LOL* Here are some of the pictures.

We got the raw files the next day and be able to choose 50 pictures for the albums in the evening. Because photofactorybali is an international based photography, they are used to finish everything fast. Actually, our albums can finish in two days however, we had to get back to Jakarta by Monday. We request to send our albums together with my wedding gown from there on August. So, I just can't wait! 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Pre Wedding Teaser

I can't wait!!!! *lol* Like I have ever mentioned when I started to write about my preparation that cute pre-wedding is in my list about marriage. So, here we are.. Mr. A and me will have our pre-wedding next week! 
In here I wrote that we didn't choose any vendor for photography from the hotel because we choose from Bali. Our photography is Photo Factory Bali The reason we use this photography simply because the owner has related to Mr. A aka. his sister and brother in law's. So, we are really thankful for this. 
However, we have to go to Bali to have our pre-wedding shoots. The problem is time. Both of us are working and in very different field. I am working in education field which means I don't have what we call annual leave permissions but my holidays are the same with the students terms break schedule. So, we have to match it our free time to mostly my free time. Previously, we chose to have in on mid March. However, at that time, I have a recollection session before my baptism and I had to go to Puncak. Mr. A didn't want to fly to Bali on weekdays. So, we postpone until the next long weekend. We can't do it on June on my next break also because we will have our lessons at church and I might have to go to Solo. So, we decided that May will be perfect time. 

Last week, we got the information about the places and what we will need for our photo shoots next week and last weekend we went to shop what we need to wear. Well, mostly it was Mr. A who shops because I have prepared mine little by little since previous weeks. Luckily, I also have lots of great friends who help me with the dresses. There are stuffs that I ordered also months before for the details I wanna have in our shoots. Here they are. 

I love greens so I request @fun_ocraft to make this for me. lovely!

our toottle from @toottle and save our date pillow from @owlbox

We got our plane tickets already and things we need. We just have to wait..and as for me.. DIET! hehehe. I did my mayo diet on February coz I thought will have the photo shoot on March and for the past few weeks, I ate a lot!. So, I do a light diet since early this week. 

Oh, one more thing, aside from the excitement for a short gate away, I also feel worry about the shoots itself. Both of us are not the type that lovable on camera. *ups* especially Mr. A. Take pictures with him were always a struggle.This pre-wedding pictures also will only outdoors since he doesn't like the formal style. So, I hope, I wish, I pray for that both of us will enjoy it and all is well. :) 


“When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” –Nora Ephron

Wedding ring? hmmmmmmmmm.......

"A wedding ring is the first link in the chain of family life"_ family quotes

illustration only

A wedding ring is one part of a marriage.  If I recall, Mr. A and I got our wedding ring first far before we knew our wedding date. Yes, it is. I just remembered. And...until today, I haven't seen our wedding ring................... ( >.<) 

How come?

Because we didn't buy it by ourselves. *grin*  It was last year when Mr. A sent me a kakao message to ask my ring size. Well, turned out that his parents aka. my fpiL (read: future parents in law) wanted to try to look for our wedding ring while they were travelling abroad. Just right before they went to airport, his mother asked him the detail. As I remembered, Mr. A asked for his mother ring to measure using his fingers and also asked me about the precise size. Last year Mr. A gave me a ring as my birthday gift, he never asked my size before..he just took the ring that I have wear for years and put it on his fingers to measure and I never measured it ever also until that day. 

So, to cut the story short, his parents bought the rings. According to Mr. A, the ring made of platinum and if the two rings put together, it will form the heart shape. he also mentioned the price and that's all I know. Nothing else. 
Wedding ring actually is a symbol of the marriage for us and not something that I know Mr. A will put on his finger all the time. We might put in on a necklace and wear it with us. I don't mind that we did not choose it by ourselves but I'm really curious with what it looks like!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Vendors

My last post was about in searching of the venue and the difficulties with the vendors. We only choose 4 vendors from the hotel; decoration, entertainment, wedding organizer and the wedding car.

What were your difficulties?
*Sigh* After we got to meet all the chosen vendors from the list given by Bu Santi, we decided just to choose them without trying to meet others vendors anymore because me n Mr.A quite fond with most of them. However, the only one that contacted me was the decoration vendors. I even had made another meeting outside to discuss about the decoration with the owner but the other two were not in touch with me at all. I tried to contact Bu Santi also about that but still no response. I was kinda annoyed already with them. 

What did you do with the difficulties?
So, last Saturday, me, Mr. A and fmiL went to the wedding expo which held by the hotel. Most of all the vendors joined in that expo. We took that opportunity to find all the vendors needed and also tested some food there.

Did you get what you need?
Yes! Finally! The first vendor we approached was the decoration. We chose De Luxe  Design and got the deal with Mr. Ekmal. On my first met with him, he said he will send the sample of the decorations cloth n colors to me so that I can use it as colors idea for my invitation card. However, I have waited for 2 weeks and he didn't send it at all. I was a bit upset at first. But when we met, he gave it to me. I still didn't satisfy with the color given. Since I love green, I would like to have garden theme on my party with summer colors touch. But, the green he gave was to dark. I asked him to change n find me another green. Next, we went to find the entertainment vendor. We chose William and Friends for this. The owner is Mr. William. We choose this vendor just because we have found who suits us for the MC and the singers. At the time, I confirmed to Bu Santi, she said that William was out of country. Then, I guess he just forgot to contact me. We settled there and he sent the confirmation letter at that day also to me. The main problem is the wedding organizer. *grumpy*

this decoration was from the vendor we chose during the wedding expo

What about it??
When I discussed about my preparation with my friend, Dewi, she kept forcing me to make sure this vendor to be chosen first above all aside the invitations. She said WO will be a big helper to the groom and bride to be before and on the D-day. At first we chose De Coktail Organizer and dealt with Ci Lala. On our first meeting aka.the vendors presentation moment, she helped out a lot and suggested some stuffs, she also said will send the email about that day meeting and bla bla bla. A week from that I chatted her via Kakao Talk and she replied that I have to confirm to Bu Santi first so she can make the confirmation letter and stuffs like that to proceed. So, I contacted Bu Santi and confirmed all the vendors and waited. According to my friends, the vendors that supposed to contact the clients and discussed it. I got nothing in few weeks. I chatted her again in Kakao Talk but she never replied. So, I thought will be able to meet her on the wedding expo but she didn't join also. Bu Santi has tried to reach her also but can't get through her. So, she asked Mr. William to talk about the organizer to me and Mr. A. We just figured out that the company name is William and Friends Entertainment and Organizer. So, to cut it short, we chose the same vendor as the entertainment as well. We think it will be easier to deal with and have meeting also. We also got to choose our wedding car that day. I can say, it's a wrap! ^^

What about the souvenirs and invitations? bridal? photography? Wedding cake?
Well, for bridal and photography we will get from Bali and about the souvenir and invitations, I was thinking to ask my friend who owns @little_secret_hampers to make it at first. However, at the end we changed the decision for the souvenirs and invitations since my friend is quite busy with her orders. We chose Adel's Card for it. We went to the Wedding Expo in PRJ last month. For wedding cake also, I was thinking to ask my friend to make it. But it will be difficult for her I guess, So on the same expo last month, we got out wedding cake from Kopaka. Since, the wedding cake might only be a display, we prefer the taste to the design. My fmiL suggested this cake since the first wedding expo, but we postpone to choose it. 

There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage. 
Martin Luther

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Venue

I never had a dream wedding ever since I was young. For me, wedding is more to have a cute pre wedding pictures, a holy holy matrimony and a mind blowing honey moon to start a marriage life. It was never about the party for me. The other thing again is that Mr. A and I was never really enjoy coming to a wedding party. In Jakarta, most likely the wedding parties are the same thing. We ever said that we don't want to have that ordinary wedding. 

But.. saying is easier that make it real. No matter how much we want a different one, but our parents say the other way around. 

My "fmil" (read: future mom in law) got several dates from the counting. But only two dates that will be on weekends. Actually, our dating date is included in those several dates she got. However, it will be on Tuesday this year. *sob*  I thought, it will be great if we can have it the same date. Okay, to cut the story short, we finally chose one date and next step we did was looking for the venue for the wedding party.We went to a wedding expo at the end of the year last year at JCC. For the venue, my "fmil" has her favorite place. She only has limited choices only, either Sun City, Peninsula Hotel, Novotel Hotel or Pullman Hotel. We got to check 2 venues on the expo and soon she made up her mind on one place. However, we didn't get the deal at the expo, We went to the hotel to make the deal there. We chose Peninsula Hotel and we dealt with Ibu Santi. 

The hotel offers quite expensive package but all in. It was around three hundred million more at first, but we cut down a lot from the package and leave 4 vendors only we want to take from the hotel. We only need decoration, wedding organizer, wedding car and entertainment. It is still around 250 million left. we don't need wedding ring, honeymoon package, bridal, wedding cake, wedding invitation and souvenirs and also photography from the package. I will explain more why later on.

At first, I was ease down since I thought we won't need much things to do anymore. But I was wrong. It all started after we met the vendors. On early February, Mr. A asked me to make planner calendar until our D-day so that we won't forget to lose the track about what we need to finish or do on months until our D-day. So, in the schedule, we didn't choose any vendors yet until CNY over. On early March, we met all of the vendors at the hotel. The story about the other vendors will be on other post. However, so far I heard a lot plus and minus about the venue but it is still okay with me. The problem is the dealing with the vendors is not as smooth as I thought. The person who dealt with us also seems like too busy to give full information and if we didn't ask, she won't say a word. I can understand that she might meet a lot of bride-to-be also. But, so far I can't see the professionalism. But, I still give a shot. My D day still 212 days from now. I believe that we will make it work soon. 

Wish us luck.....May our good karma bless us. ^^

Weddings are important because they celebrate life and possibility.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Wedding Teaser

As i told one the other post that I'm 'finally' will get married this year, I am thinking to write about my preparations moments here. ^^
Let's start with the moment we finally talked about it. Actually, we have talked about it two years ago, but apparently, Mr. A wasn't really ready yet at that time and every time we discussed about it, we got into a fight. At first, I thought I was ready also, but then I got a cold feet as well. After that, I decided to not discuse it at all until he is ready to do it.
The time has come. But when he finally talked to his mom, we still have to wait some time to finally got to choose the date. Some time means months. Why we have to wait? well, it is because we need to count our birth dates to get a good day to be married.  
so, we just have less than a year since we got the date now. 

"Two souls but one single thought. Two hearts that beat as one." -John Keats

Got the date