Thursday, March 26, 2015


Hello 2015! *basibanget*

It's March already and I just posted one last year. Tak terasa 2014 sudah berlalu lagi dan selalu gagal memposting disini karena alasan yang sama yaitu malas dan tidak ada waktu. Akhirnya waktupun berlalu begitu saja. >.<

Well, tahun ini saya berencan memposting banyak hal. Diantaranya lanjutan dari my guilty pleasure yang stuck di tahun 2013. You can read it here #2 and #1. Kemudian ada rencana lain yang mau saya post yaitu.... my wedding preparation. Yes, finally! lol ya setelah menunggu tanggal dll akhirnya kita siap melangkah ke jenjang berikutnya. Sejak dapat tanggal, waktu kita kurang dari 1 tahun. I am quite excited to share. But let me have my spare time first.

Anyway, di sekolah tempat saya mengajar sekarang memasuki Term akhir dalam tahun ajaran ini dan waktu yg tersisa sampai Juni itu sangaaaaaat mepet dan banyak hal yang harus dikerjakan. So, semoga saja disela-sela itu masih bisa untuk mengupdate ini dan itu disini. ^^

Saturday, February 1, 2014


Welcoming February today. Time does fly so fast since we celebrate the New Year 2014. For me, January was a mix feeling month. First, when I reach my age, I feel like I haven’t accomplished enough than I expected. If your birthday is at the beginning of the year, it’s like birthday is a resolution time. Years ago, I was a person who targeted further ahead dreams. But after I did my surgery last two years, I feel like I am more focus on what I am now. If I am planning something, I don’t really looking forward for it. I keep remembering the moment when I laid back on the surgery bed and felt so helpless though that’s because I was being anesthetic.  The first thing is that I need to find the “key” to unlock my some old me.
Second, is about my relationship. Where it will end? Every time we discuss it, it just ended sadly to me. I just hope that I am on the right path.
Then, the gloomy days perfect the feelings. ^^
However, still I am grateful with my life. I was taking a time to flash back all things that had happened in my life that affected so much to me that change me who I am now few days ago, and I do realize that I have been blessed and protected by my own karma. People that I have met, I am meeting right now, I met accidentally, all of them were, are my learning lessons. I have the feeling that this 2014 will not be an easy one for me. I have to make some decisions that might or will change my life. I also have to learn again once more to be a better person. I always become an impatient and show too much emotion and thought person. And I don’t fell like I like it.
Despite all my worries above, I am planning to have one or two trips this year. I need it for myself, to run away from my routines and to refresh my mind again, which I always get after a trip. I hope I can find good companions. As for today, I wish everyone have a nice Sunday coz tomorrow we will back to reality. I found a nice quote for myself ^^

"Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment." Buddha

Monday, September 30, 2013

I have a term break for 4 days ahead starting from today and..... right now I'm kinda bored. Actually, I have a lot things to do but it's the school work. I need today and tomorrow for lazying around. So, I am opening my laptop and starting to write again. So, what am I going to write??

I guess I wanna write about what I desire the most right now. TRAVEL! I didn't have many chances to travel here and there. But, once I did it, I did it with crazy. At least, once a year I went to one place. I did this since few years ago. 
One of my childhood dreams was to be an archaeologist. I love history. Histories always fascinate me in many ways it appears. But I didn't get the chance to study to be an archaeologist so I just can read and try as much as I can to visit places that amazed me. 
From all holidays that I had maybe last year visit was the one that I enjoyed the most because I did it completely different people and took me half of the months and went to 4 provinces, 4 cities and took all possible transportation.

The idea was started when my friend said about Lombok and I agreed to join them if they are going. We decided to go on December holiday. As a teacher, we always get earlier holiday. So, my friends said as long as they can come back before Christmas Eve it's fine. So, after talked about it, the Filipinos friends said they wanna join also but they wanted to go to Yogyakarta to see Borobudur Temple. I also interested because last time I went to Yogya, when I was a ninth grader, I wasn't able to visit Borobudur Temple. Then, I also wanna visit my brother at Surabaya. Then, we divided the trip in to 2 large groups. The first groups, 8 people include me, will go to Yogyakarta. Most of them were the Filipinos. I was the PIC that have to book the tockets, find the hotels and transportation, think what to eat where to go and the time taken. This first group will split into 2 after Yogyakarta. 4 of them will back to Jakarta, the rest will continue to Lombok via Surabaya and Bali by train, bus travel and ship. The 2nd group was consist of 7 people will right away fly to Lombok then we are from the 1st group will join them there and together we will go to Bali together. The PIC at Lombok is different person but in Bali, back to me again....

When I was planning the trip for the 1st group, I thought it'll be fun and I was excited because I thought about using train. I never get on a train (except MRT at Spore before). We were just one day at Yogyakarta, really just for the Borobudur Temple. 

it still greatly shaped!
pose before fly

I really enjoyed walk all around this temple even tough it rained cats and dogs. I really amazed how they could built it hundreds hundreds years ago. Anyway, from Yogyakarta we took a train travel to Surabaya, which my brother had waited. Well, actually, it didn't feel that marvelous. Hufff...because the other 2 Filipinos friends wanna save cost as limit as possible so we bought the cheapest train tickets. NO AC of course and the 5 hours trip was like hell.. So hot!! I barely forget about it. The only thing that made me enjoyed was when I saw my GPS and saw places that I used to hear and read on the news. =P I asked my brother help to arrange the travel bus from Surabaya to Bali. The travel bus took off at 8 p.m. and arrived so late at Bali on the next day. It was also a road to hell one since the driver rarely use the brake! I couldn't sleep at all coz so stressed out. From Bali, we needed to rent a car to go to Padang Bay to catch up the ship to Lombok. The ship was 3 hours long and when we arrived the sun has set. Yogyakarta is the Central Java province, Surabaya is the East Java province, Bali is the Bali province and Lombok is West Nusa Tenggara province. So, by the time we arrived Lombok, I feel like we have crossed half of the map. 

Lombok is the whole new place for me. I've been to the other cities above but not here. It is a small and beautiful city. It wasn't too crowded. The people are friendly. Though, the place we stayed was not so good but overall, I love being here! I wish one day I could be back there. We went to two Hindu's temple, 3 Gilli Islands,  two water falls in 3 days. 

Sindang Gile water fall.
Tiu Kelep waterfall. This one worth the climb!

mesmerized my the clear water and blue sky at Gilli Trawangan
The waterfalls really worth the climb. There are two waterfalls. The nearest one is Sindang Gile. It just needs 10 minutes walk. But the other one we need to climb around 30 minutes (for the local) to climb but we took more than 30 minutes in the rain! However, it worth it. Just so hard to climb back.. hufff.. We met the foreigner who didn't even exhausted back and forth. They walked even in speed. 

From Lombok to Bali. We arrived at Bali also in dark almost 12 a.m. we had a nice 3 days also in Bali. At least, for me. The breakfast was better in Bali since in Lombok we only has pancakes! The same type for 3 days (the 2nd group had it for 5 days ^^). The inn also wasn't so good but a bit better from Lombok. We stayed near Kuta beach but I didn't step on my foot there. I have been there years ago so I preferred other beaches. Honestly, I almost broke by the time we reached Bali.. ^^ spent to much at Lombok and Bali costs a lot more than Lombok. We went to Tanah Lot, Kintamani, Oka, Blue point and Dream Land beaches, Goa Gajah and I forgot.. ^^ Bali was crowded! The highway wasn't open yet so it quite traffic at that time and almost end of year also. 

Tanah Lot

The picture above is the temple in Tanah Lot. It usually drowned when the high tide. I was lucky finally able to see it on the second time I've been there. The unique thing is that the water flow in the temple even not salty. 

@ Goa Gajah. This man came here to meditate. ^^

Come to Oka Agricutural Bali at Kintamani, u'll get this to try on.. warm for the cold weather..yummm!

On 23rd December 2012, we ended the trip, all of my friends flew back to Jakarta, I flew to Surabaya again to stay with my brother and his wife family for 3-4 days. By the time I reached there, my skin has darken a lot that the day they picked me up at the train station. ^^ The hot weather in Lombok really stung! I spent my days just lazying around at Surabaya. My brother just bring me to Tretes and culinary thing. The one I miss the most there is the bebek goreng. My sis in law sister took me around by motorcycle one day and I can tell the sun shines stronger there than in Jakarta. 

Few days before the end of year, I flew back to Jakarta with extra another back. I took 15 days away from home and I missed my pillow so much. The first thing my bf said when he looked at me was that I looked like huana.. >.<  It took me 2 months to get my normal face color but more than that to get my hand skin color back.  However, I miss the moment on the road again. I really wanna have it again. Hopefully soon.... Starting to collect some money again to spend.. =p

"Sharing the holiday with other people, and feeling that you're giving of yourself, gets you past all the commercialism. " _ Caroline Kennedy

Saturday, September 21, 2013

What make me today?

“When we are children we seldom think of the future. This innocence leaves us free to enjoy ourselves as few adults can. The day we fret about the future is the day we leave our childhood behind.” 
―Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind

What make me today?  The answers of this question are my childhood, my teenage life and problems that I faced. I think everyone would say the same thing but the outcome would be different. For me, those all affect the way I think, say, do today.
I wanna write about my childhood today because I want to trace the path of it and embrace the moments. I was born in a small city on the other part of Indonesia in the Sumatran Island. I don’t really remember the details but I have parts of memories when I was there years ago. I remember my grandfather brought me to somewhere to buy a chair that is still here today. This chair has been with me for more than 20 years already. 

Me and my brothers at my childhood house. ^^
the same blue chair that my lil bro sat on the other pic that my grandpa bought for me

Then, I remember that my grandmother brought me once to a beach with her workers one day to have a picnic but just when we sat down, the wave came to us and wet our place so we had to move away. Because it’s a small city, everywhere we walked people will know. The most frightened moment was when I woke up from my nap time then when I walked to the living room, my mom was curling her hairs with my aunt. I was afraid and cried whenever I saw the rolls and the smell. I still hate it until now. . Then, the most unforgettable was the moment I rolled down from 3rd floor stairs until the first floor because played with my brother. I had a very big “ball” on my forehead. ^^ I went to a Buddhist school there; I remembered the unusual table and learnt sempoa. I grew there until I was 6 years old. On 1990, my father was told to move to Jakarta, to be with his family (my hometown is my mom’s). I remembered that day my grandfather didn't want to see us left. He just looked away, he teared and sad. That was the first moment I can understand what others people feel. I felt sad not because I have to leave but because I saw my grandpa was sad because of our leaving. I missed him as I wrote this, but he passed away when I was at Grade 8 or 9. Some time I will share bout my traumatic of his leaving forever. :( 

From my hometown, we have to go to Medan first by car. It took 8 hours. That moving was my first on board. ^^ I had a very uncomfortable pain on my ears then, the stewardess gave me a candy. Oh, I also spilled my food during lunch time.. =P

At first, we were staying with my grandma from my father’s side. His sister still not married yet. Personally, it wasn't a good moments for me during those 3 years. I remember I have to repeat my primary one. The funny thing was that I had a bad impression to the teacher who said that it’s better for me to repeat on more year even tough I supposed to be in Primary 2 coz she’s afraid I can’t catch up with the lesson and since I was from the small town (different level of lesson). She said it in front of me. I remember it vaguely but for several years I had several nightmares if her and felt like I saw her everywhere I went. It looked like she haunted me and she has 7 twins.  Hehehe….silly me. Maybe, it hurt my pride that time. ^^ However, I was enrolled school a year earlier than I should had when I was at my hometown so, it’s still okay for me to repeat.   

The other thing was that I didn’t like to see my mother and the in laws “secretly” fight. They showed me the truth about not living at the same house. I slept with my aunt and my grandma. My brothers slept with my parents. My aunt loves me, I know. But when they thought I was asleep, they talked bout my mom. It was not just her but still I didn’t feel comfortable. I never share this thing to anyone. My grandma also so strict and didn’t allow us to play outside. However, my auntie liked to take me to places by bus. Once, I almost fell down coz it moved before I stepped down my foot. She took me to the theater  Ancol and many more. I watched Jet Lee’s movies a lot.  Then, my cousins moved in together just made it worst. I have to share my aunt. ^^

As the eldest child, I always told to share, to stay back, to be the last to get, to do almost everything. I can’t be selfish. So, when my aunt brought me to see places on weekends were the times I can just have something for me. But, when my cousins here, again, I have to be the eldest. I’m also the eldest grand-daughter from my father’s big family side. This “eldest” thing cost me drown in the swimming pool. I had to share to the other cousins then, I drowned in a 3-m pool. I couldn't swim until now.

During those three years stayed with my grandma, I saw my first semi porno ghost movie. HAHAHA. Peeping actually coz would open the door quietly and peep when I couldn't sleep and when the adults sent the children out from the living room so early. So, every time I went out (pretending) to go to toilet, they stopped the movie.. ^^ I knew it though I was just eight that time. If my auntie didn't take me somewhere, she would rent Laser Disc to watch together. Sometimes cartoons, funny movies, kung fu or Chinese ghost stories. And my auntie is the one who makes me love English.

I moved 2 schools during these 3 years. Permai School when I was P1 and 2. Then Harapan Abadi when I was in P3. I remembered only several things about this school. There were the goat poop smelled at our dancing room, the tall pillars in the middle of my class, I did my first stood in front performance, my first crush (hehehe..his name was Erik), my friends (my crush and his friends)were sent away by my grandma when they came to ask me play, I could see them from the very small window on the roof,  and me almost been kissed moment by a boy name Peter, I slapped him. ^^ Those schools are still existing until now. I even worked in one of it. Harapan Abadi changed the name to St. Nicholas. I found out on my first year worked there and the principal still has my names on the students list.

At 9, we moved out (yey!). The sad thing, that I still regret now, was I wasn't able to say good bye to my best friend at that time. A foreign girl who just live here because if her father’s work. We move to the place I live today. So, it’s been almost 20 years I have stayed here. The same road, two different houses, different neighbors and many schools that I had attend.. I have 4 schools during my elementary level in all. After moved here, I went to Trinitas to study. I fell down in front of the gate on my first day.. >.< Because of too many times moving schools, I was never afraid on first days anymore.  But I got new friends easily coz of the fall ..
I have 2 younger brothers, this make me easier to play with boys. So, I have more boy friends than girls. Girls are also sometimes too sensitive. When I was in P6, my close friend since P5 just left me and ignored me the whole year. The reason was just because I didn’t introduce her to my friend from other class when we met! Geezzz…When I was in P6, my feelings started to feel upside down. I started to have this rebellion feeling and moments. I tried my father’s smoke when he left it to bath, started want my mother to show more love to me than to my brothers. I felt sad when I was the top 10 of the whole school and got my price (only a box of Dunkin Donuts) but my parents didn’t say anything. Things were getting worst later. I will write it again later.

Right now, I just amazed myself that I remember so many things in my childhood that I couldn’t write it down. I feel happy to understand that those bad memories in my 3 years with my grandma didn’t make me hate them. My auntie wanted me to stay there with her; she wanted to pay my education fee and she promised to pamper me. I refused. Though my mom ever slammed my face to the table just because I can’t memorize the multiplication table two, but I still chose her. I didn’t regret the choice that I made when I was 9. I still respect my grandmother also. No matter what, she is just a mother and grandmother at her age she thought she knew more. She ever grabbed a robber’s knife who tried to rob us when she took me to visit her friend at Jelambar. She even brought it home as a gift. I didn’t remember this but she remembered she took me with her ^^ 
My grandpa died when my father just 19 years old, he’s the 2nd son, so my grandma had to be strong for her 9 children. I respect her for that. I took care of her when she was in hospital coz of diarrhea because no one else can take turn. I learn from that to be patience with elders.

What I learn from my 3 years with my aunt and grandma is that if one day I get married and have to stay with my future husband family especially parents, I really have to adjust myself.  I learn that our greatest deed is to our parents and it's not forever we stay with our parents. I told this to my boyfriend also. And I think it's easier to change myself than to change the whole world. Some people might say, it's easy for me to say but it will hard to do. But, I never know till I try right? I just have to always remember my feeling under the blanket at the most nights back that time.

Every time I have time to recall, I will recall my childhood. I miss the moment. I feel the hole in it. I don’t want to forget what that left in my mind. So, I hope if one day I forget, I still have this story. :)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My "new" life

It's been a very long while since I wrote here. I have so many things in my mind that I need to get it out some. I need the fun of writing.

Last June was my school holiday and I spent it with.........almost heart broken.. ^^ but I can get over it and when July started it's like I have a completely new life here. I move to the new place for my job. I teach at the place that I longing for to be with since years ago. I teach at Tzu Chi School now. Last three years, when it has just started, I have tried to apply here. I did the 1st interview. It was still at ITC. But, when they called for the 2nd interview, I had signed my new contract t the previous school. I didn't really bother actually at that time. Then, last year, I didn't try to apply since I didn't really want to try new place but I did wanna quit from the previous school last year until they offered me a new position as the Head of Teacher and it challenged me so I took the job. Soon, I regretted it. Then, this year I took the chance to apply again from internet and I got called. It was after the flood disaster I did my first interview. Then, one came to another. The most interesting part for me was the interview with the BOD. There were 5 of them that asked me questions but I didn't feel like it was an interview and I did it in 3 languages, Chinese, English, Hokkian. They might forget about me already but I still remember that moment. Then, here I am a new teacher at this school. I started at July 1st 2013 and since that day, seems like I lose myself. I feel like I am having a new me.. hufff.... I have no time to read, which is I did a lot before. I can't have tuition anymore. I can't really feel my body as normal as before coz what I feel is only pain here and there. I barely like a zombie every weekdays especially in the morning. The working loads are like crazy. I teach Math and Science for 24 periods/ week, have 5 classes to teach plus a form teacher. At the beginning, I barely just home for sleep. I can't really feel my food and on weekend it was like......heaven. HAhaha.. sounds too much! but that's what I feel. far I never feel like I'm regret to join here. I still enjoy the work, start and already love my students. They are angels but also the demons.. :) Everyday my students are challenging to me. They just can turn my day upside down. However, I just hope I really can give the best I can here. I can give the students something in their life. Though they are still at the very young age and soon they'll forget about me but I hope I can plant a good seed in their mind and heart so they can pass it on one day. :)

Never ever crossed in my mind that at this time I can be a teacher before. I was not a good student before.Personally, I am not the type of a meticulous person, not a very patience one, I'm careless and sometimes lazy to start something but in this job, I just like trying to be a better me as a teacher, but when I'm back to my own private life, I am just the enjoy being Me.. However, I still need to find my own rhythm in my life so I won't be like this anymore.. I need few more months to adjust myself. Wish me LUCK! 

" I have come to believe that a great teacher is a great artist that are as few as there are any other great artist. Teaching might even be the greatest of the arts since the medium is the human mind and spirit." John Steinback

Monday, April 22, 2013

Ilovetheseproducts BRTC and Holika Holika *wink*

It’s been a while since I write. Today, I wanna write a product review. This is something that I never do but I really like these products. And this review also will be a testimonial for the online shop where I bought those items ^^. .For your information, I am not good in writing a review product. So, I will just say what I feel about these products.
 I’m not the type of girl (not really a woman yet) that like to do make up everyday.  I used to use a morning cream only everyday. But after I reach this age (huff), I started to think about other stuffs. So, I found this product. That is BB cream.

My #1 fav is BRTC Whitening and Repairing BB Cream.
How I can end up using this product?
Well, using BB cream is something new for me and luckily this online shop provides a lot of BB cream samples from different type of product. At first, I tried Skinfood and Etude’s coz those products are familiar to me. I am quit like the skinfood texture and it blends well on my skin but…since I have an oily to combination skin, after some hours this product makes my face too oily. But I still bought few samples. I bought several products here then the owner always gives some free samples.  Then, one time I got this BRTC sample and after I tried, I just fall in love (lebay……….) It blends well, covers my dark spots and gives natural look if I put it on the right amount. It also make my face skin whiter but if to thick, will make me like put on a fine mask. ^^ However, it is pricey so, I bought the samples only for several months ..o yeah, it also never makes my face too much oily. I use this only on weekend. For dating, party, etc. xixixixi.. 

So what do I use for daily????? That’s my number 2!

#2 is Holika Holika Miracle Real Skin Finish for Combination/ Oily skin.
How I found it? Well, I saw it on an advertisement that Bora –Sistar in it. I dun really like the group but I am quite fond of her J So, I googled this product and read some reviews then I send a bbm to this owner and order the product ( w/o even try the sample). So, when it arrived, I forced myself not to feel disappointed for the result. And…….the first look, I like the box. Cute and has a butterfly on the top of the cover. Then, I can’t say I love it but I like using it. If you are too lazy to put on make up for daily activity, well, this is the right product. Just put on the right amount after your ski n care then finish it with a compact powder, then u r ready for your routines. Why I write finish it with powder? Because it gives a glowing face, since I have an oily face with the weather in Indonesia, it looks dull sometimes so, covers with a powder is the best result. The glowing will be just more natural. Perfecto ^^

Here is the picture of the applying of those two products on my hand skin. I am too shy to put on my face .. wkwkwk..

I guess, that’s all that I can say. Last but not least, I can say that this shop is recommended! The owner always tries her best to please us and I do like shopping there. :) 

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” 
― Coco Chanel

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Guilty Pleasure Series #2

Bonjour! I am sitting in my room and I'm suppose to finish my Quiz questions but I just stuck in my mind and since the internet in this place working at the moment, so I decided to update the blog ^^

I have the urged to write since months ago, but I was so busy with my work at school or I was too lazy so I can’t even think of other else.

In my last post this, I mentioned a lot of guilty pleasures that I have. #1 is books, then #2 is OUTFITS! Meaning is I love bags, shoes, clothes (tops, dresses, shorts,etc)! *huff*

I’m not sure when I started to like those things. If I recall my memory, I was a tomboyish girl. I was like to wear jeans, an over-sized t-shirts only. I even didn't really care for what I put on my feet not even care with my hair. It was always my mother who cut my hair until I was in grade 9 or more. I was a girl with a lot of acne and scares all over my face before. It kinda made me feel shy to myself.

I can remember that I used to wear jeans jacket to college. ^^ I think, I started to thinking about what to I wear when I was in grade 8. But I forget about it when I was in grade 9 because most of my friends are boys. We did sport not shop.
I paid more attention to my hair for the first time when I was in the second year of college time. I dyed my hair to blonde! The day when I showed up to campus, my friends were shocked. hahaha… Soon after I’m making my own money, I start to shop n hardly stop it now.

I dun really have any particular style. I wear what I want to wear. As much as possible I try to make myself comfortable. My no. 1 list to buy usually clothes. Tops are the most. Too much I think! I have a cupboard, 2 shelves and a box container for all my clothes. Then, I have a shelf and a box container for my bags. I even gave to charity some of those. But then I’ll buy some more..>.< There was a time; I was so in to cardigans, jackets, coats. I have a lot of it. I have different type of cardigans with many colors. I used to buy black only. Later, I started to like the bright colors and now I have purple, yellow, red, grey, brown, nude, green, pink, and white. I still want blue, orange..=P

Then, I love shirts! Last year, I even had more than 10 apparels that I haven’t wear at the end of the year. I also started to buy shirts that I think I haven’t the color yet. I dun really buy blouse because I rarely wear it daily. I’m working at school and I dun need blouse since I have uniform and I can just wear t-shirt after that. However, it turns out I have a lot of it in one shelf. Huff…….I like wearing jeans before. But now, I prefer shorts to long pants. I also didn't like wear dresses before, but now I’m kinda get used to it. With all the clothes that I have, I still have a problem in deciding what to wear every time I need to hang out. I can’t decide what to wear. >.<

Some of my bags. Mean: there are more
No.2 list is bags. I love big bags. I also dun have particular favorite bags. I just buy the one that really catchy in my eyes. I can’t count how many bags that I have. But at least I have more than 20. It might be not so many. I only like to use 5-6 of them because I hang my favorite bags rather than keep it in the shelf or box. My favorite color for my bag is brown.

My favorite at the moment. Got it from Netherlands

No. 3 is shoes or sandals. I never know that I had a lot of it until my mom took those out one by one from the shelf. Half of the items in there were mine..>.< And I still have it in my room. But still, I always think that I dun have an appropriate one. *sigh* definitely something wrong with me! Recently, I even made buy custom for my fave shoes. But the last time I bought sandals was 2 months ago, the same thing with bag. I favorite shoes right now is my birthday gift from my boyfriend this year.

When I decide to clean up my wardrobe, I will find a lot of apparels that I haven’t wear even once. Some also are too small for me now (yeah, gaining some weighs), some are just dun find the right time to wear. I just cleaned my big box last week and I gave most 'em to charity since I rarely or not even once wear them.

I’m not the type of person that I like to do window shopping. Then how come I have a lot of those things?? Well, it because I prefer online shopping….It even worst, I guess. Huhuhu.. I tried to control myself before. I was able to reduce it. But when I get stress, I have a strong feeling of wanting to spend my money on something! Geezzzzz…..I think, I need a therapy for this. Or….maybe there are a lot of females just like me also.

The truth is it’s not only outfits that I usually buy. But also accessories, face treatment, cute stuffs that I dun really need sometimes. But the worst thing is for the tops! Writing about this make me realize that I do really have to control myself. I think it is better if I want to buy gold like necklace or rings. =D However, I'm really starting to control myself. I have to start think about "need" and "want". I have to make the list of my priority now.

"Good shoes take you to good places" _from Hanayori Dango comic series 

"The only real elegance is in the mind; if you’ve got that, the rest really comes from it."
— Diana Vreeland