Thursday, March 7, 2013

Guilty Pleasure Series #2

Bonjour! I am sitting in my room and I'm suppose to finish my Quiz questions but I just stuck in my mind and since the internet in this place working at the moment, so I decided to update the blog ^^

I have the urged to write since months ago, but I was so busy with my work at school or I was too lazy so I can’t even think of other else.

In my last post this, I mentioned a lot of guilty pleasures that I have. #1 is books, then #2 is OUTFITS! Meaning is I love bags, shoes, clothes (tops, dresses, shorts,etc)! *huff*

I’m not sure when I started to like those things. If I recall my memory, I was a tomboyish girl. I was like to wear jeans, an over-sized t-shirts only. I even didn't really care for what I put on my feet not even care with my hair. It was always my mother who cut my hair until I was in grade 9 or more. I was a girl with a lot of acne and scares all over my face before. It kinda made me feel shy to myself.

I can remember that I used to wear jeans jacket to college. ^^ I think, I started to thinking about what to I wear when I was in grade 8. But I forget about it when I was in grade 9 because most of my friends are boys. We did sport not shop.
I paid more attention to my hair for the first time when I was in the second year of college time. I dyed my hair to blonde! The day when I showed up to campus, my friends were shocked. hahaha… Soon after I’m making my own money, I start to shop n hardly stop it now.

I dun really have any particular style. I wear what I want to wear. As much as possible I try to make myself comfortable. My no. 1 list to buy usually clothes. Tops are the most. Too much I think! I have a cupboard, 2 shelves and a box container for all my clothes. Then, I have a shelf and a box container for my bags. I even gave to charity some of those. But then I’ll buy some more..>.< There was a time; I was so in to cardigans, jackets, coats. I have a lot of it. I have different type of cardigans with many colors. I used to buy black only. Later, I started to like the bright colors and now I have purple, yellow, red, grey, brown, nude, green, pink, and white. I still want blue, orange..=P

Then, I love shirts! Last year, I even had more than 10 apparels that I haven’t wear at the end of the year. I also started to buy shirts that I think I haven’t the color yet. I dun really buy blouse because I rarely wear it daily. I’m working at school and I dun need blouse since I have uniform and I can just wear t-shirt after that. However, it turns out I have a lot of it in one shelf. Huff…….I like wearing jeans before. But now, I prefer shorts to long pants. I also didn't like wear dresses before, but now I’m kinda get used to it. With all the clothes that I have, I still have a problem in deciding what to wear every time I need to hang out. I can’t decide what to wear. >.<

Some of my bags. Mean: there are more
No.2 list is bags. I love big bags. I also dun have particular favorite bags. I just buy the one that really catchy in my eyes. I can’t count how many bags that I have. But at least I have more than 20. It might be not so many. I only like to use 5-6 of them because I hang my favorite bags rather than keep it in the shelf or box. My favorite color for my bag is brown.

My favorite at the moment. Got it from Netherlands

No. 3 is shoes or sandals. I never know that I had a lot of it until my mom took those out one by one from the shelf. Half of the items in there were mine..>.< And I still have it in my room. But still, I always think that I dun have an appropriate one. *sigh* definitely something wrong with me! Recently, I even made buy custom for my fave shoes. But the last time I bought sandals was 2 months ago, the same thing with bag. I favorite shoes right now is my birthday gift from my boyfriend this year.

When I decide to clean up my wardrobe, I will find a lot of apparels that I haven’t wear even once. Some also are too small for me now (yeah, gaining some weighs), some are just dun find the right time to wear. I just cleaned my big box last week and I gave most 'em to charity since I rarely or not even once wear them.

I’m not the type of person that I like to do window shopping. Then how come I have a lot of those things?? Well, it because I prefer online shopping….It even worst, I guess. Huhuhu.. I tried to control myself before. I was able to reduce it. But when I get stress, I have a strong feeling of wanting to spend my money on something! Geezzzzz…..I think, I need a therapy for this. Or….maybe there are a lot of females just like me also.

The truth is it’s not only outfits that I usually buy. But also accessories, face treatment, cute stuffs that I dun really need sometimes. But the worst thing is for the tops! Writing about this make me realize that I do really have to control myself. I think it is better if I want to buy gold like necklace or rings. =D However, I'm really starting to control myself. I have to start think about "need" and "want". I have to make the list of my priority now.

"Good shoes take you to good places" _from Hanayori Dango comic series 

"The only real elegance is in the mind; if you’ve got that, the rest really comes from it."
— Diana Vreeland 

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