Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My "new" life

It's been a very long while since I wrote here. I have so many things in my mind that I need to get it out some. I need the fun of writing.

Last June was my school holiday and I spent it with.........almost heart broken.. ^^ but I can get over it and when July started it's like I have a completely new life here. I move to the new place for my job. I teach at the place that I longing for to be with since years ago. I teach at Tzu Chi School now. Last three years, when it has just started, I have tried to apply here. I did the 1st interview. It was still at ITC. But, when they called for the 2nd interview, I had signed my new contract t the previous school. I didn't really bother actually at that time. Then, last year, I didn't try to apply since I didn't really want to try new place but I did wanna quit from the previous school last year until they offered me a new position as the Head of Teacher and it challenged me so I took the job. Soon, I regretted it. Then, this year I took the chance to apply again from internet and I got called. It was after the flood disaster I did my first interview. Then, one came to another. The most interesting part for me was the interview with the BOD. There were 5 of them that asked me questions but I didn't feel like it was an interview and I did it in 3 languages, Chinese, English, Hokkian. They might forget about me already but I still remember that moment. Then, here I am a new teacher at this school. I started at July 1st 2013 and since that day, seems like I lose myself. I feel like I am having a new me.. hufff.... I have no time to read, which is I did a lot before. I can't have tuition anymore. I can't really feel my body as normal as before coz what I feel is only pain here and there. I barely like a zombie every weekdays especially in the morning. The working loads are like crazy. I teach Math and Science for 24 periods/ week, have 5 classes to teach plus a form teacher. At the beginning, I barely just home for sleep. I can't really feel my food and on weekend it was like......heaven. HAhaha.. sounds too much! but that's what I feel. far I never feel like I'm regret to join here. I still enjoy the work, start and already love my students. They are angels but also the demons.. :) Everyday my students are challenging to me. They just can turn my day upside down. However, I just hope I really can give the best I can here. I can give the students something in their life. Though they are still at the very young age and soon they'll forget about me but I hope I can plant a good seed in their mind and heart so they can pass it on one day. :)

Never ever crossed in my mind that at this time I can be a teacher before. I was not a good student before.Personally, I am not the type of a meticulous person, not a very patience one, I'm careless and sometimes lazy to start something but in this job, I just like trying to be a better me as a teacher, but when I'm back to my own private life, I am just the enjoy being Me.. However, I still need to find my own rhythm in my life so I won't be like this anymore.. I need few more months to adjust myself. Wish me LUCK! 

" I have come to believe that a great teacher is a great artist that are as few as there are any other great artist. Teaching might even be the greatest of the arts since the medium is the human mind and spirit." John Steinback

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