Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fate? No.

I went to vihara today. It's a thing that I rarely do recently. I want start to make a habit again to do it. I did it few years ago. There's a very big different things that happened to me when I make a habit to go to vihara every week. Today's topic gave me something to thing the whole day. 

Many people misunderstand about Buddhist. They tend to make wrong perception about it. Actually, Buddhist is simple. Plant good deeds and you'll get good things in your life. I am not good at explaining about it but I find all my answers in dhamma. In my good times and especially my bad times, I always remember about dhamma. I still can stand it no matter how down I am because I have the understanding of my kamma. I am trying not to take a shortcut. Kamma is not  fate. In my opinion, when someone say fate, it's the other word for laziness or desperation in life. For me, I say it's fate because it's my kamma to deal with. My struggles are how I reacted. It's not easy. 

Buddha teaches about kamma (karma). It is something that we can't avoid in this our life -past, now or future. We can't escape from it no matter you go. It's only about time. What happen to us today is because of what we did in our past life. What I do today, the reaction that I give to the kamma I have today will create a new kamma for my next life or might be this life. At this point, I'm thinking of all my suffering, happiness and small things that happened to me. >.< 

Then, what is kamma? According to Romo Sudar, Kamma is a will or desire that comes from inside. If we are willing to do bad things, it creates the potential to become a bad kamma. 

The question is "Where's kamma been kept?"

Well, penjelasannya seperti ini (dalam Bahasa Indonesia deh) ^^  Ibarat sebuah pohon mangga menghasilkan buah mangga. Tapi di manakah buah itu disimpan? Apakah di batang, akar, daun? Kenyataannya buahnya tidak disimpan di mana-mana. Tapi pohon tersebut akan berbuah bila kondisi lingkungannya mendukung, potensinya terpenuhi maka pohon tersebut akan berbuah. Sama halnya seperti karma. Karma yang kita lakukan hari ini menciptakan potensi karma kita yang akan datang tergantung baik atau buruknya.

Buddhist is all about NOW. What had happened left those behind. What will happen is based on what we do TODAY. Our thoughts, our words, our acts will make a difference. We can't be sure about future, but future (for sure) is in our hand. 

If you are saying that life is a fate, then is it possible you'll get something when you just sit down and wait? The answer will be NO. So, don't wait because life is so short. Start with analyzing your life, start to think differently, start to collect as much as good deeds you can make. 

Salah satu ajaran Budha paling utama adalah  "Jangan berbuat jahat, perbanyak berbuat baik, sucikan hati dan pikiran."


  1. nice, dari tahun 2010 baru ngetik lagi skrg.
    well, you can say its a start. LOL

    1. @ Alex : yup.. wkwkwk.. Yg di friendster ilang udah.. n been busy for a while ( busy nya ampe 1 thn lbh)