Saturday, June 2, 2012

A killing time writting...

    Saturday, June 2nd.. I woke up this morning and reached my phone as usual then I looked at the date n I felt kinda shocked.. It’s been half year in 2012. I haven’t even do anything to reach at least one of my new year resolutions yet.. *sigh*
Talking bout it, one of my resolution is travelling  Korea n Thai.. But I failed it since early of the year. Haizz… n due to my new position at school I can’t have any off day during school days.. >.<

   Anyway,  I had a chance to have a day gateway out of Jakarta last two weeks.  I went to Onrust and Cipir Island with my school work mates. It was fun and thrilling to me.. A little glimpse about Onrust can be find here ...
We just need a little more than 30 minutes by a small to reach Onrust. We spent about 2 hours less or more there. It was a very nice weather in the morning. I captured some pictures. You can open my album

What I like the most in this island is this swings that been tied to a big tree trunk. 

It has a weird movement ^^ but I like it. The island has a museum, a prison, many graves and lots of ruins building. The view to the see were speechless! Can’t imagine that it only several minutes away from Jakarta.
Then we move to Cipir Island or Khayangan Island. Back then, they called it Kuiper Island. We had our early lunch here..It was much smaller than Onrust. There was a bridge that connected these two islands long ago but coz of the sea rise level and abrasion it has gone and what left only a little part of it. The ruins here are mostly part of hospitals.We were stucked here longer than we expected because of the big waves so we can’t reached the 3rd island, Kelor Island. After getting bored with the island we decided to go to the last island on our trip.. And here we go my day mare.. >.<

   It was a big wind and waves on our way. It’s like playing roller coaster on the sea! I can’t swim so it was really freaking me out. I was amazed with the island actually because of the big fort ruin. But we can’t land on it coz the waves. While my friends were too busy to take picture with the fort as the background. As for me, I was only thinking of going back! I was so afraid. Then finally, they all agreed going back. *fiuh* Basically, the islands are close to each other, so supposed to be the way back also less than an hour. However, it felt like thousand year to me (really literrally). The worst thing was it rain. The small boat just swing left and right, up and down plus the rain n dark cloud on us really make me thinking of kissing the land. I can saw thehospital near my school from far away but all around us just water. After some freaking minutes, we finally get closer to the land. And…..the weather just as nice as when we left in the morning.. *come on*

   However, I really enjoyed walked around the island and looked at the ruins there. Once in my teen life, I dreamt to be an archeolog. I always love to hear or find out about histories that lie on ruins of places.  I have buried my “wanna be archeolog” coz I dunno what major should I take on my college time but still I have the passion in histories. It’s like I travell back to those time. Now, I’m a teacher and I do have dreams but I try to live with what I have now, altough I find it difficult sometimes. But I know, that there are many people out there that live far from their dreams. I just have to be grateful.  We all do..

“Appreciate all the good things in your life. No matter how small. You already have some  amazing things in your life, whether you realize it or not.-unknown- 


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