Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Slow pace moment

Yeah..this is my slow pace moment in preparing my wedding. I am not sure that this happens to other bride-to-be but this is happening to me. Honestly, last month was like an upside down month for me (us), every time I (we) talked about the preparation, things just upset me and I came to the moment that it was boring moment. But I can't run away from it so I have to deal with my boredom and still going on. so, here I am..slowing down for a moment, and take my time enjoying my long holiday first (yes, I am in a very long holiday!) ^^

However, the reality is still there. My checklists done just way too short compare to the undone lists.

Here the done lists:
1. Pre wedding photo sessions - DONE

2. The albums and canvasses -DONE they came early this month from Bali, safe and sound.

3. Marriage counselling sessions and certificate - DONE and RECEIVED 

4. Our room after wedding. -DONE -- I, super, love it =]
despite the color, I still love it :p

And...that's all!  *geezzz*
The undone lists:
1. Finding the angpao receiver, dealing with details for matrimony in church. --this I can't do too much since my "fmil" that decided for us.

2. Final revision for wedding invitation and souvenirs. --it irrates me a lot the past month because it's like more than five times already.

3. Altering my wedding gown. -- It arrived together with the albums from Bali. Actually, I knew it already that it won't fit but I just fall in love with it. So I decided to have it. Luckily, I have found the place to alter my dress @kimoeraboutique.

4. Choose and do food testing. -- I have to let my 'fmil' choose them and's complicated. 

5. Decide the entrance song, entrance scene -- We want to be anti-mainstream one but so far we haven't agree with anything. Guess our entertainment vendor needs to really think hard to please us >.<

6. Test Make Up for D Day -- will be in July after my eyebrow embroidery done

7. Decide using Dessert Table or not --my dilemma only

8. Ring bearer! --I still have to wait for the maker finding the perfect material for my request. I have to wait until end of July *again*

9. Filling in things in our room, such as, bed cover, hanger, TV, etc. -- Well, bed cover suppose to be easy but I am just too confuse to choose one (our first one ^^).. 

9. Pre Marital check up. -- We haven't decide when the right time, but from our marriage councelling we were told that 1 month before the D day is okay.

10. The suits for Mr. A, my dad, my bro -- The maker suggested just on August. It takes 2 mo for them to finish (worry)..

See... that much! *sigh* 

Like I said, marriage was never about the party for me, But, it is quite important for our parents, so, I am kinda in burden right now to make it well. On the other hand, this is also will be (yes it wil) my first and last marriage and my own wedding party, so I want it to be run as smooth as I want to be also. 

Just like this then I remember the book that I read from Ajahn Brahm and that's why I am taking down this slow pace of mine ^^. 

The real thief of time is “worrying”. It takes away your time in enjoying life. The future is made right at this moment, thus worrying about the future is the same as neglecting your future."- Ajahn Brahm


  1. halooo cici yg abis melewati masa 'bosan', finally ngepost lagiiii :p
    entrance songnya nanti tell me yaaaa ..masih bingung nihh *maless nyariii*
    ciayoooooooo for youuu, semangaaaat ciiiii ..enjoyyy buat urusin semuanya, masih banyak tuh homeworknya :D
    God Bless our preparation :*

    1. Hehehe.. thank you, Der..Iya..cemangat for both of us. Tar klo uda dapat ilham lagu di post lagi. Sampe skrg msh saling rebutan ide lagunya . =))

  2. jg ngalamin hal yg sama.. >.<
    Belakangan ini stress ngurusin undangan, dan perintilan laen yg masih byk.
    Ujung2 nya tiap x ketemuan sm cami, bahas soal wed preparation, jd nya berdebat terus.. huhuhu..

    Semangaaaat shel, buat undone list nya..mudah2an bs di fix & diselesaiin secepetnya.. hehehe..

    1. Hoo.. ternyata ada bride to be lain yg kek gt. Hehehe. Last month sampe males mo ketemu camer jg krn pasti ditny. Males mkr, males jawab, males bahas.