Wednesday, October 21, 2015

On my mood on writing this.

This post will be my second of products review particularly.. I just think these are really good products to share. Of course, it will be about skin care and make up items. 
Girls and ladies will never have enough products and brands for the sake of beauty, right? ^^

1. Sulwhasoo Overnight Vitalizing Mask.

I knew this brand for quite long time ago but it was never caught my attention until some of the igers said something about this mask and I saw her flawless skin so I googled this and got some nice reviews of it. Then, I just know that this brand actually is like a premium brand in Korea also. I recall seeing the store in Grand Indonesia. Then, I texted Mr. A to buy it if he happens to have his lunch there. He asked me what items that I need. I mentioned three but particularly I think I want  this one first to try. So, he bought one and it became his gift for me (still in the anniversary mood). Yey! It's free coz it's a bit pricey for a mask :( 

Why I need this? 
Because of I fell for the review from other bloggers, that igers and also from what it claims. ^^ This is what it stated on the website:
"An overnight mask awakening a radiant looking skin with nourishing moisture and herbal extracts." 
It is said that we have to apply it as the last step of our skincare routine, the best result is just leave it overnight and was it with luke warm water the next morning.

Night 1 -
I used it for the first time and I was apply it thinly only because I was not sure of the amount. I applied it right away after using my water essence. The next day I woke up, it was like usual only but it felt hydrated even I just used that mask.

Night 2 -
I used it a bit thicker now and I applied it after I applied my water essence, the jojoba oils and bathbox oils for mature skin and also my eye serum. The result in the morning was different from the day before. It was moist still but it was given different kind of glow in the morning that I like. 

Night 3 -
I used this almost the same like the other night routines but I add my moisturizer cream first  before the mask. The result even more amazing the next day! I just love how it glows my skin, moisten and also reduce my pimples!

The result can be seen just in 3 nights. Today will be my fifth night and I have fallen deeply with it. Anw, actually I wasn't sure how many times I have to use it per week. But I have "time limit" before my D day so I have to moist my skin and hoping to have clearer skin in the next few weeks. So, I just applied it everyday for this week. ^^ 
The product has a deep fragrance of herbal. Some might find this disturbing. As for me, it is relaxing :)

the texture
It likes giving a thin layer on our skin

Next, will be about my daily based make up items. I have several products for BB cushion, liquid foundie and sunscreen to use everyday. I never use the same one for the whole week. I like to use my routines based on the occasions that day

2. Shiseido Integrate Mineral Liquid Powder (SPF16 PA++)

I knew this product from a friend of mine (read: J). J bought this when she went to Japan, but  when she didn't want to use anymore, she sold it to another friend (read: E) . From E, she gave  a very great review about this and yes I can see the great finish look from this product. Too bad it doesn't sell worldwide and also not in Indonesia. I got mine from I choose the shade 20 which is suitable for my skin tone. 


Super love it! Whenever I am lazy to put on decent and delicate make up, I will just swatch this on my face and I am ready to go! It covers the redness on my face and also  different tone of my skin perfectly. Matte result!

I apply it on my index finger. Can you see the difference?

3. Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion (SPF 50+ PA++)

This one has a super high SPF. I love using this on my super casual day. Like going to work and whenever I am going to join a flag ceremony or spending time outdoor. Basically, it didn't cover the redness of my face and it has a dewy look result (or maybe shiny? since it has a high SPF). But, the longer it stays on my face, it looks better because it makes my face looks fresh.

4. Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous (natural beige with SPF 20) and Maybelline Dream Liquid   Mousse Classic Ivory (no SPF)

I love using them during weekend or a wedding party. But my favourite is the covergirl. It is easier to blend to my skin. As for the maybelline, I have to put on another product to perfect it and it has no SPF, so if I have to use it on day time, I have to put on my sunscreen first. However, it covers my skin on certain days when my skin is having "hard time" with PMS ^^ 

left: covergirl, right: maybelline
can you see that the covergirl gives better coverage and looks smoother?

5. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen (SPF 45)

I will apply this when I just want to go to market in the Sunday morning or going to have breakfast with my friends and whenever I dun need any make up on. If you like swimming, this is water resistant up to 80 minutes. Always use sunscreen for your skin. It will give oily or shiny looks but it helps to prevent dark spots and wrinkles on your face ^^

It will not give white cast to your face after you apply it. Don't worry ^^

6. Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder

Just like its name, it is powder. I just apply this as my final touch before I spray my make up setting spray. Just to make sure my oily face will come out slower than usual ^^. And make my make up stays longer. Sometimes I apply this using brush or using the pad given by just dabbing on my T-area, it depends on the layer before this.

Most of the time, I stay longer outside home since I apply my make up in the morning. But I can say that at the end of the day, it still stays on my face. So, deep cleansing is a must. 

Anyway, there are 3 items on my wish list:
- Dr. Jart+ BB Beauty Balm - I got the sample n love it!
- VDL Metal Cushion Foundation - I am planning PO this via my usual ol shop after getting married. 
- Sulhwasoo Skin Clarifying Mask - I've bought this via PO from one of IG online shop now. It's cheaper by 100k!


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  1. Huaaa, ajarin makeup dong cici T__T perlu banyak perawatan kyknya tp gak ngerti harus mulai drmana :(

  2. Wuiihh,,mantepp bener yaa perawatannya Shal.. aku msh yg minim banget ni perawatan mukanya.. cuma fte-pelembab-bedak/bb cream.. jadi ngerasa kasian ama kulit muka yg kurang treatment ni.. huhuhu.. >.<

    1. Dulu ak jg gitu koq, Pri. Lama2 mikir kudu ngerawat kulit n sdkt lbh baik. krn as much as kita sk liat co rapi bersih dan ganteng, co pasti jg seneng gt. uda gt klo ga rawat dr sekarang, ce pny kecenderungan cpt "terliat tua" dibandingkan co apalagi abz lahiran. n Mr. A tu cenderung dikirain msh pertengahan dua puluhan umurnya.. *ambilkaca* >.<

  3. setuju buat sulwhasoo Shal, selama ini gw suka beli SUL, versi testernya, ga kuat klo whole tube!!^^ dan menurutku aromanya bener soothing n relaxing. yg aku cocok juga herbclinic restorative ampoul - buat menyamarkan flek bekas jerawat dan kempesin jerawat. masi pake herbal soap - red ginseng ituuu....yah, ada harga ada barang si memang *sedih liat price tag nya*...hmm, make up setting spray itu apaan yak? haha, ga bikin muka jadi oily?

      Blog ini ada kasih review soal setting spray, Dri. ^^ Ini sih kebetulan yg g pake. Karena bs jd primer make up n jg setting make up spray after that. Buat ke muka sih pas awal spray ada sdkt efek dewey nya.
      Iya, harganya bikin pening. Tapi yg di IG IsabelShoppe harganya lbh murah jauh dr toko. Walau masih sedih liat price nya. Hrs dicicil belinya. wkwkwkwk

  4. Hallo! Kunjungan balik & salam kenal :D
    Innisfree no sebum ini terkenal banget ya. G pake yg punya etude dan kalo abis mau coba yg innisfree ah ;D Dan Laneige BB Cusion nya ternyata ga cover redness jg ya :( sama kaya innisfree dong ya :( kalo gitu I tetep pake innisfree aja deh lebih murah hahaha :))

    1. Hehehe.. thx for visiting back. Nope at all tu Laneige. either not match my skin tone or apa tp wkt beli cb in di counternya. or I di PHP mbaknya. almost barely visible sih on first apply ^^
      Innisfree no sebumnya cm 1 ga sknya, yaitu pad nya kasar..

  5. Shal, itu yg Shiseido Integrate Mineral Liquid Powder nya bikin ngiler deh liat hasilnya... sayang perlu beli di amazon ya hiksssss *ga punya pay pal*
    keep posting review like this ;-)
    I'm still confuse with face treatments like this hahahaha.

    1. Yg shiseido itu emang mantap banget, Na. Pake bingits!! Bnr2 great coverage bgnt. Blm nemu yg setara kerennya. Kudu titip org yg mo ke jepang/ taiwan (krn amazon g kmrn tu dr taiwan storenya) or kn ada jasa titip bli barang ke luar negri tuh klo ga mo amazon. Tp mau cb shiseido lainnya yg ada di counter sih kpn2. Sapa tau sama kerennya jg ^^