Monday, May 11, 2015

PreWedding- It's a wrap!

Yes, it's a wrap! Glad we've come out to this already.
It was on April 29,2015 night that we flew to Bali. We had to take off days from our work place for this moment. The next morning, I have to choose the wedding gowns there. But I decided that I dun want to wear a wedding gown for our prewed pictures. The reason is only one I want to be a one day bride only. ^^ That day, we had to choose which album that we want and the size for the canvas later on. The PhotoFactoryBali has several types of albums. You can see it here. We chose white  E-Series Albums type. However, we just knew that we will get 2 albums (grey and white) when we got to choose the photos. However, we can't decide the canvas size yet because we are still confuse what to do with that after the wedding day *grin*
The fun fact is we get this all for free because it is belong to Mr. A sis and bro in law' We are grateful for this. Really are........

Okay, the following day was our photo shoot time. Our venue is Pura Ulun Danu, Kebun Raya Bedugul and Pantai Batu Bolong. It was my request to have a greenery view, a Pura and beach view. Our concept is just casual and natural. So our pictures mostly look away from camera. 
From Pura Ulun Danu, we almost changed direction to Tanah Lot because of the weather. We were chased by the dark cloud. Luckily, we still able to shoot as the schedule, thanks to the photographer instinct and our good karma still bless us ^^.  It was a wonderful day! Both of us hardly get a good pictures usually and for Mr. A takes picture always needs permission. But that day, we took 500+ pictures and all smiles. We got to get bored looking at each other all day n running out of topic to discuss to get the natural pose. *LOL* Here are some of the pictures.

We got the raw files the next day and be able to choose 50 pictures for the albums in the evening. Because photofactorybali is an international based photography, they are used to finish everything fast. Actually, our albums can finish in two days however, we had to get back to Jakarta by Monday. We request to send our albums together with my wedding gown from there on August. So, I just can't wait! 


  1. yeaaaay ..congartulations ciciii ..finally prewedding juga yaaak ..hihi
    dari excited sampe capek sendirii ya cii musti senyam senyum melulu ..belom lagiii pandang2annya ..ampe boseeeeeen ..hahahahha

    1. Thank you, derr.. iya nih mending senyum disuruhnya ketawa-ketawa mulu pe pegel. ^^

  2. ihiy, kita sama2 baru kelar prewed nih shally.. :D
    betul, pegel ya disuruh ketawa melulu, tapi fun banget.. hehehe.

  3. Hi shally, cantik cantik fotonya... wahh, ternyata tinggal menghitung hari yaa, semoga lancar2 ya, GBU