Thursday, April 23, 2015

Pre Wedding Teaser

I can't wait!!!! *lol* Like I have ever mentioned when I started to write about my preparation that cute pre-wedding is in my list about marriage. So, here we are.. Mr. A and me will have our pre-wedding next week! 
In here I wrote that we didn't choose any vendor for photography from the hotel because we choose from Bali. Our photography is Photo Factory Bali The reason we use this photography simply because the owner has related to Mr. A aka. his sister and brother in law's. So, we are really thankful for this. 
However, we have to go to Bali to have our pre-wedding shoots. The problem is time. Both of us are working and in very different field. I am working in education field which means I don't have what we call annual leave permissions but my holidays are the same with the students terms break schedule. So, we have to match it our free time to mostly my free time. Previously, we chose to have in on mid March. However, at that time, I have a recollection session before my baptism and I had to go to Puncak. Mr. A didn't want to fly to Bali on weekdays. So, we postpone until the next long weekend. We can't do it on June on my next break also because we will have our lessons at church and I might have to go to Solo. So, we decided that May will be perfect time. 

Last week, we got the information about the places and what we will need for our photo shoots next week and last weekend we went to shop what we need to wear. Well, mostly it was Mr. A who shops because I have prepared mine little by little since previous weeks. Luckily, I also have lots of great friends who help me with the dresses. There are stuffs that I ordered also months before for the details I wanna have in our shoots. Here they are. 

I love greens so I request @fun_ocraft to make this for me. lovely!

our toottle from @toottle and save our date pillow from @owlbox

We got our plane tickets already and things we need. We just have to wait..and as for me.. DIET! hehehe. I did my mayo diet on February coz I thought will have the photo shoot on March and for the past few weeks, I ate a lot!. So, I do a light diet since early this week. 

Oh, one more thing, aside from the excitement for a short gate away, I also feel worry about the shoots itself. Both of us are not the type that lovable on camera. *ups* especially Mr. A. Take pictures with him were always a struggle.This pre-wedding pictures also will only outdoors since he doesn't like the formal style. So, I hope, I wish, I pray for that both of us will enjoy it and all is well. :) 


“When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” –Nora Ephron

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