Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Vendors

My last post was about in searching of the venue and the difficulties with the vendors. We only choose 4 vendors from the hotel; decoration, entertainment, wedding organizer and the wedding car.

What were your difficulties?
*Sigh* After we got to meet all the chosen vendors from the list given by Bu Santi, we decided just to choose them without trying to meet others vendors anymore because me n Mr.A quite fond with most of them. However, the only one that contacted me was the decoration vendors. I even had made another meeting outside to discuss about the decoration with the owner but the other two were not in touch with me at all. I tried to contact Bu Santi also about that but still no response. I was kinda annoyed already with them. 

What did you do with the difficulties?
So, last Saturday, me, Mr. A and fmiL went to the wedding expo which held by the hotel. Most of all the vendors joined in that expo. We took that opportunity to find all the vendors needed and also tested some food there.

Did you get what you need?
Yes! Finally! The first vendor we approached was the decoration. We chose De Luxe  Design and got the deal with Mr. Ekmal. On my first met with him, he said he will send the sample of the decorations cloth n colors to me so that I can use it as colors idea for my invitation card. However, I have waited for 2 weeks and he didn't send it at all. I was a bit upset at first. But when we met, he gave it to me. I still didn't satisfy with the color given. Since I love green, I would like to have garden theme on my party with summer colors touch. But, the green he gave was to dark. I asked him to change n find me another green. Next, we went to find the entertainment vendor. We chose William and Friends for this. The owner is Mr. William. We choose this vendor just because we have found who suits us for the MC and the singers. At the time, I confirmed to Bu Santi, she said that William was out of country. Then, I guess he just forgot to contact me. We settled there and he sent the confirmation letter at that day also to me. The main problem is the wedding organizer. *grumpy*

this decoration was from the vendor we chose during the wedding expo

What about it??
When I discussed about my preparation with my friend, Dewi, she kept forcing me to make sure this vendor to be chosen first above all aside the invitations. She said WO will be a big helper to the groom and bride to be before and on the D-day. At first we chose De Coktail Organizer and dealt with Ci Lala. On our first meeting aka.the vendors presentation moment, she helped out a lot and suggested some stuffs, she also said will send the email about that day meeting and bla bla bla. A week from that I chatted her via Kakao Talk and she replied that I have to confirm to Bu Santi first so she can make the confirmation letter and stuffs like that to proceed. So, I contacted Bu Santi and confirmed all the vendors and waited. According to my friends, the vendors that supposed to contact the clients and discussed it. I got nothing in few weeks. I chatted her again in Kakao Talk but she never replied. So, I thought will be able to meet her on the wedding expo but she didn't join also. Bu Santi has tried to reach her also but can't get through her. So, she asked Mr. William to talk about the organizer to me and Mr. A. We just figured out that the company name is William and Friends Entertainment and Organizer. So, to cut it short, we chose the same vendor as the entertainment as well. We think it will be easier to deal with and have meeting also. We also got to choose our wedding car that day. I can say, it's a wrap! ^^

What about the souvenirs and invitations? bridal? photography? Wedding cake?
Well, for bridal and photography we will get from Bali and about the souvenir and invitations, I was thinking to ask my friend who owns @little_secret_hampers to make it at first. However, at the end we changed the decision for the souvenirs and invitations since my friend is quite busy with her orders. We chose Adel's Card for it. We went to the Wedding Expo in PRJ last month. For wedding cake also, I was thinking to ask my friend to make it. But it will be difficult for her I guess, So on the same expo last month, we got out wedding cake from Kopaka. Since, the wedding cake might only be a display, we prefer the taste to the design. My fmiL suggested this cake since the first wedding expo, but we postpone to choose it. 

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  1. hiii to read your blog ..
    happy preparation
    God bless ^^

    1. Hi Derry, thank you for reading it also.. Have a nice day :)

  2. Hi Shally.. We have same vendor for invitation.. Happy hunting! Wish u get the best vendor..

    1. Yes, Vinaya. we are! Seems like u r almost go to altar..^^ Semoga lancar2 yak.