Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Venue

I never had a dream wedding ever since I was young. For me, wedding is more to have a cute pre wedding pictures, a holy holy matrimony and a mind blowing honey moon to start a marriage life. It was never about the party for me. The other thing again is that Mr. A and I was never really enjoy coming to a wedding party. In Jakarta, most likely the wedding parties are the same thing. We ever said that we don't want to have that ordinary wedding. 

But.. saying is easier that make it real. No matter how much we want a different one, but our parents say the other way around. 

My "fmil" (read: future mom in law) got several dates from the counting. But only two dates that will be on weekends. Actually, our dating date is included in those several dates she got. However, it will be on Tuesday this year. *sob*  I thought, it will be great if we can have it the same date. Okay, to cut the story short, we finally chose one date and next step we did was looking for the venue for the wedding party.We went to a wedding expo at the end of the year last year at JCC. For the venue, my "fmil" has her favorite place. She only has limited choices only, either Sun City, Peninsula Hotel, Novotel Hotel or Pullman Hotel. We got to check 2 venues on the expo and soon she made up her mind on one place. However, we didn't get the deal at the expo, We went to the hotel to make the deal there. We chose Peninsula Hotel and we dealt with Ibu Santi. 

The hotel offers quite expensive package but all in. It was around three hundred million more at first, but we cut down a lot from the package and leave 4 vendors only we want to take from the hotel. We only need decoration, wedding organizer, wedding car and entertainment. It is still around 250 million left. we don't need wedding ring, honeymoon package, bridal, wedding cake, wedding invitation and souvenirs and also photography from the package. I will explain more why later on.

At first, I was ease down since I thought we won't need much things to do anymore. But I was wrong. It all started after we met the vendors. On early February, Mr. A asked me to make planner calendar until our D-day so that we won't forget to lose the track about what we need to finish or do on months until our D-day. So, in the schedule, we didn't choose any vendors yet until CNY over. On early March, we met all of the vendors at the hotel. The story about the other vendors will be on other post. However, so far I heard a lot plus and minus about the venue but it is still okay with me. The problem is the dealing with the vendors is not as smooth as I thought. The person who dealt with us also seems like too busy to give full information and if we didn't ask, she won't say a word. I can understand that she might meet a lot of bride-to-be also. But, so far I can't see the professionalism. But, I still give a shot. My D day still 212 days from now. I believe that we will make it work soon. 

Wish us luck.....May our good karma bless us. ^^

Weddings are important because they celebrate life and possibility.


  1. hi shally..udah dapet venue, MUA, terus beberapa vendor laennya jg udah paketan dr Peninsula nya. Udah ga terlalu pusing ya harusnya..hehehe
    cuma emang bener kata yg km blg, mesti dipastiin aja detail dari setiap vendor rekanan nya Peninsula.
    semangat ya shally. hehehe

    1. Hi Rochan *wonderingisityourname?* ^^, thank you for dropped by. Iya secara keseluruhan sih uda beres. tinggal make sure mereka merealisasikan yang uda di discuss aja sih.
      Semangat also for you. ;)