Sunday, April 5, 2015

Wedding Teaser

As i told one the other post that I'm 'finally' will get married this year, I am thinking to write about my preparations moments here. ^^
Let's start with the moment we finally talked about it. Actually, we have talked about it two years ago, but apparently, Mr. A wasn't really ready yet at that time and every time we discussed about it, we got into a fight. At first, I thought I was ready also, but then I got a cold feet as well. After that, I decided to not discuse it at all until he is ready to do it.
The time has come. But when he finally talked to his mom, we still have to wait some time to finally got to choose the date. Some time means months. Why we have to wait? well, it is because we need to count our birth dates to get a good day to be married.  
so, we just have less than a year since we got the date now. 

"Two souls but one single thought. Two hearts that beat as one." -John Keats

Got the date 

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