Monday, August 31, 2015

One step after another - In detail.

"You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but seeing the imperfect person perfectly." Sam Keen

I find myself getting excited recently since my wedding day is getting closer. In the past two weeks, the list that I haven't done yet is getting lesser and lesser. It really ease me down already. I will list out my "helping hands" here :) :

1. Amaze Bridal in Pasar Baru.
    The owner is Ci Lia. She is a nice and warm person. I asked her help to alter my gown, make the veil and bolero. I met her few months ago when I went to Pasar Baru with my friends when we  did some research about fabrics and sellers for our small bussiness later. We just happened ended in her shop. Well, it wasn't really eye catching inside there however, I have the feeling of trusting her and I always count on my gut when I met someone. So, after few months, I went back there and discussed about what I need. I just need to wait two more weeks for my gown and at the end of the month for my veil and bolero. The most important thing is.... it didn't cost arm and leg! ^^

2. Signature Wedding Detail
     I talked with Johaness since June about ring bearer that I want. He said he wanted to do some research about the nice cover and book sample first. He asked for a month and another month until he came up with the dummy. Oh, I love it! It is more than I imagined. Here is the spoiler. ^^
my dummy
       I request the color to suit my wedding theme and also customized vows. So, I just need to ask Mr. A to write his vow. And the most important thing again is... that the cost is just as my budget. *grin*

3. Pretty Fit
    I choose to use this brand for my wedding shoes. I just love the simplicity of the shoes here. I had tried to look for others but I just like this brand more. 


4. Eclat and Garnet
    One thing in my list that I forgot to mention in my previous post is about the accesories. Since I am not using bridal for my wedding, it means I don't have accesories to wear. I don't like the idea of having my usual jewelleries or buy another sets just for the wedding. But I just like this shop collections. So, I ended up buying one set of it..
can't wait to wear this
5. Hendra Irawan Decorations
    I have mentioned that we changed our decor vendor in last post. So, here we are ...Mr. A and I have met the owner, Om Hendra, last two weeks. He sent the draft and detail payment and price last Saturday. I like the way he do his works. Unfortunately, the additional cost is not small amount also. Mr. A and I are discussing this at the moment. But we have to make the decision soon by the end of this week. So that we can focus on the food testing in the hotel and from stall outside hotel vendor. If only I am a good negotiator, I might can get the additional costs lesser than now. But too bad, I am not.

6. House of Windsor
    I have been so interested with the duvet and bed cover from this brand since last two years. I keep coming back to this brand whenever I looked for bed cover. So, I love the aloe fabric and that the one I bought for our room. I am so happy that I can choose the color I want also. ^^ 

The bed room thing that we just bought was the clock also. Mr. A finally let me buy this and we found the cute one last Saturday at Central Park. It costs cheaper than my budget. 

Anw, one thing for sure. Budgeting is important.  In preparing the details, some things are just cheaper than my budget and I am just happy about it.. I hope I can control myself more in this remaining months so that I won't purchased additional items that I might not really need it at the moment.  


  1. Ring bearer nya bagus banget shal.. baru dummy aja, buatan nya udah rapi begitu.. naksir bgt sm ring bearer nya.. :)
    Happy ya kl tiap minggu ada progress nya.. jd yg mesti dikerjain jg semakin dikit. Hehehe

    1. Iya dummynya bgs. Can't wait liat hasil aslinya.
      Krn ada progress yg berarti jd excited menuju D day nya nih, cyn. ^^

  2. cieee akhirnya banyak progresss cieee ...
    gitu dong ciii, jadiiii excited sendiri kan tuuh ..jangan dibawa setress yaaaa *ngacaa derrr, hahahaha*
    btw, pengeeen liaaaat wedding shoesnyaaaaa :(

    1. Iya krn ude deket makanya sdkt excited ^^
      Wed shoesnya simple abiz.. ^^

  3. Setuju tempat cincinnya lucu :)

    Wedding Shoesnya sepertinya simple tp ttp bling yaa, nice :D

    Anddd i love bling2 aksesorisnya manisss :D

  4. Yup..just simple dan nyaman itu kudu. trz kudu hrs bs dipake lagi after wedding buat informal occasion hehe

  5. ring bearernya keren bingits shal! belom pernah lihat pasangan yang pake begini deh.