Tuesday, September 8, 2015

What could possible happens H-2 months?

A lot!!

Friday, September 4, 2015
Mr. A called me in the evening to ask about the weekend schedule. He wanted me to come with him to his friend' wedding in Alila Hotel on Saturday. He told me that he'll pick me up in the morning and ask me to bring my stuffs to his home. We will go to the hotel from his home. It's nearer from his home also. We also decide to check name list again. 

Saturday, September 5, 2015
I woke up around 9 a.m. and did my usual stuffs (doing sosmed and chats here and there). Then, I got a call from Indri (WO) about some arrangement she had made with my fmil about stall vendor from outside Hotel package. Then, I called Mr. A to inform him about my conversation with Indri. I asked Mr. A also when he will pick me up. He said soon after that. So, I took a shower, chose the dress and shoes, prepared my make up stuffs and hair curler. Then, I was ready. At around 11.00 he arrived. He used motorcycle and he told me to find any massage therapist who is good about bone. He said he just got an accident. 
My reaction was cool actually. I checked his wounds. He showed me his dislocated bone on his right shoulder. I cleaned his wounds and my mom gave him a sugar hot water. He was quiet pale actually. I knew he was in shocked. So, I have to be calm. My mom asked me to bring him to do some X-ray first before we go to the massage theraphyst. And we did so. After I fed him lunch, we set to go. We still use motorcyle (his). I drove it slowly to the nearest hospital. We went to Grha Kedoya hospital and been sent to Emergency Room because the security saw his wounds. Dr. Ken was the one who checked Mr. A and refer to the radiology room. The result is fracture bone and dislocated. The worst case was have to undergo a surgery to fix the dislocated bone. Mr. A was about to meet the bone specialist doctor but there was no one available at that time. So, we went home to his house and there his mom brought him to the best massage theraphyst she knows. She didn't allow him to do the surgery. 
Mr. A' cousin brought him to the massage therapyst and I waited at his house. He came back after around 2 hours and then not so long after that I went home. To make that day complete, I got high fever after that. I was ill so much that I couldn't sleep well that night. 

Sunday, September 6, 2015
Thanks to my mom that she helped me the night before, I was better on Sunday. But I still had a terrible headache. I just fully rest here and so Mr. A. I called him and he told me that he might rest one month from office. In a month or two the soft bone will just grow. It will need 1 year to be a strong bone. *sigh*

My fmil went to the hotel this day to check out our "decor-to-be" vendor' work. She was a bit traumatized with the first one and with the high additional cost, she need to make sure the work.

Monday, September 7, 2015
I got back to work but felt different. I couldn't barely concentrate a lot. It was like reality started to crawl in my mind. It means most of things we need to finish in these 2 months will be done by myself. He will not be always there in person. *sigh*. 
I emailed to confirm the decoration vendor and I didn't get the reply back. I got a hunch of worry but I tried to think positive. At night, Mr. A and I talked on the phone and his cheerful voice still stronger me.

Tuesday, September, 2015
Everything was seemed normal until I got the WA from the owner of the decor vendor. He said he couldn't help our wedding because he will go to Australia to help his family wedding decoration. SO...... it means, we have none. Back to zero again. >.< 
What I did right away, sent the WA to Mr. A, informed Indri and the manager in the hotel. I lost my concentration for a moment. Luckily, the hotel manager, Bu Lina, was so helpful so do Indri. So, I am having other options now with meeting schedule. The only main problem is that Mr. A can't leave his house in the next two weeks. So, whenever we need to have the meeting about wedding, I have to set it to go to his house. 
Mentally exhausted at the moment. 



  1. keep stronger shal.. *hug*
    Speed recovery for Mr A.
    Hopefully you can find the new vendor for decoration.. :D

    masih ada waktu 2 bulan lagi. walopun masih byk yg mesti diurus, tetep semangat ya shal..

  2. hufff, makin deket tuh emang makin ada aja ya cii, aq juga lagi ngalamin ..masalah tuh kok ya kayaknya dateng teruss ..bener2 bikin stressed out >_<
    sabar ya ciii ..tetep semangatttttt ..
    cepet pulihhh yaaa Koko A ..
    God bless

  3. Speedy Recovery yah Shal for your husband to be...
    Like the old man says, kalau mau married itu emank adaaaaa ajah.... percaya gak percaya sih... tapi ttp ajah doa for you and A safety yahhh... semangat... dan semoga vendor decor cepet ketemu yah...

    1. Thanks a lot! iya langsung pada bilang hati2.. even papa nya Mr A jg bilang gitu. >.<

  4. Thank you, girls... appreciate it. Wish us luck! semoga lancar2 terus n most of all sehat2 selalu.. I just realize jaga kesehatan juga perlu bgnt. jgn sampe drop di hari H.

  5. Shal, hard weekend banget. semangat ya, kita bantu doa, semua akan lancar, semoga nemu vendor decor yg oke kerjanya n cepet sembuh Mr. A! ganbatte.

  6. Sel *hugs* be tough ya en everything gonna be okay :)
    speed recovery for mr. A ya Sel, en semoga cepet ketemu vendor dekor ya. Eniwei, gue juga dapet vendor dekor 2bulan seblm hari H Sel.
    smangattt ya en jaga kesehatan

  7. Huaa~ emang ada aja yaa kerikil2 nya kalo mau married, tp jgn nyerah shal ! u can do it ! gws for your man :)